Javascript ES6 Template Literals

Javascript ES6 Template Literals

Hello immersers, today I want to briefly cover Javascript’s Template Literals something the previous version ES5 was severely lacking when compared to other interpreted languages, PHP, Ruby and Python. But we can hardly compare Javascript with those, Javascript is fun, wild and deserves its own realm. Still though, template literals introduced in ES6 makes for cleaner code, readability, just easier on the eyes.

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An Intro to VueJS

VueJS looks good to me, yeah even better than ReactJS and AngularJS and friends. It just looks light and nimble and there’s a huge community behind this framework. My first post on this blog actually covers ReactJS – it was more than an attempt. VueJS documentation just looks cleaner to me, and I like that. I’m a bit late on the bandwagon here with VueJS, I’ve been spending quality time with PHP – I love PHP.

Here’s the documentation guide – VueJS Documentation

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Block Binding using Javascript – Functions in Loops

I wanted to go take a deep dive into using Javascript’s ‘let’ to declare variables and data objects. I’ve briefly covered ‘let’ on a previous post, but just barely scratched the surface on its features – especially using let as functions in loops. Yeah, I know that was a mouthful.

I found my self using this method once before – for getting around an API quota limit. But even if you haven’t used this method before to get around the scoping issue, these examples and comparisons (ES6) provide tidbits of useful concepts that may aid you as a developer when tackling complex data processing and manipulation.

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Python Data Types

Python Data Types

Hi there and welcome back. Working late tonight and I’m a quarter through, my coffee that is. Consulting work on the other hand, I’ve got a ways to go. In an earlier post I said I was going to be in “Ruby Land”, well there was an exotic land nearby and I just couldn’t resist – it’s called “Python Land”. “Ruby Land” was a bit more playful, it had jesters, castles, shiny gems and cute (yeah I said cute) little monsters of all sorts. But here in “Python Land” are a bunch of majestic data crunching machines, engineered meticulously for their purpose – perhaps to understand mankind.

Anyway I’ve decided to take on Python along with Ruby because I have this super weird tendency to contrast things, but what I really want to say is that I want to connect them, conceptually. If I had it my way I’d want to connect everything but that wouldn’t leave any room for curiousity and self discovery now would it. Alright moving onto Python…

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Move Last Node to Front of Linear Linked List

Python - Move Last Node to Front of Linear Linked List

What’s up everyone?!  I hope everyone’s been doing well as always. Today I am going to work on another linear linked list problem.

The prompt is: Write a function to move the last node to the front of a linear linked list. You could do this iteratively or recursively, I’m just going to go with iteratively for this one.

    # move last to front
    def moveLastToFront(self):

        current = self.head
        previous = None
        temp = None

        # empty or single node
        if not current or not

        # traverse the list
        while current is not None and is not None:
            temp = current
            previous = current
            current = = None

        # you could write your own push function here

Of course there are much more efficient ways of writing this. I would say the trick is how to keep track of the last node and the node before last, that way you do not lose the data that you’re trying to move. If you have questions, feel free to post in the comments below!

Ruby Built-In Data Types

Ruby Built-In Data Types

Hello and welcome back to Project Immerse LLC – your #1 leading source for epic knowledge. That sounded epic for epic’s sake by the way. Alright, let’s get right to it.

I was thinking of creating a completely separate post for this, but I figured this would be a monumental moment to celebrate my transition into “Ruby Land”. Now, I’m not leaving “PHP Land” nor will I ever, it’s just I’ve spent a lot of time there. PHP is an amazing language, it’s been through some rough stuff over the years but PHP 7 shows us just how resilient PHP really is. I also have a handful of pet projects written in PHP so activity won’t cease there.

I was first introduced to Ruby by a junior developer, an intern, a mathematician. Can’t mention this persons’s name, but if you’re reading this – thank you for handing me that Ruby book. I wish I hadn’t tossed it, but I did because I knew I’d have it all in memory. I think you would appreciate that nerdy pun.

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How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

What’s up everyone?!? I hope everyone has been staying healthy and everything. I just wanted to take a minute and share another great book that I have been reading and I feel like this could help other people.

The titular book is called “How to Win Friends & Influence People” – Dale Carnegie. This book was published back in 1936, and I absolute enjoy this book because it is such a classic, and I definitely could learn a few things from this book. Frankly speaking, I felt like sometimes I don’t understand people as well as I should, that’s why I picked up this book just so I could glean a few things, and well, it has worked wonders! It has answered a number of questions for me personally.

If you struggle with interacting with people, or simply wanting to become a better conversationalist, this book has a few tips for you. I highly recommend this book, I’m almost done reading it! If you have questions or a book recommendation for us, feel free to post in the comments below!

Linear Linked List – Search Element using Python

Linear Linked List using Python

What’s up friends?!?

Let’s continue on another linear linked list problem. I’m going to make this post short since I’ll use the boilerplate code from the last LLL problem we had. If you need any help, I’ll also post the link to GitHub so you can stroll along.

Anyways, for this problem, I just want to write some code to find a specific element inside the LLL. You could do this iteratively or recursively, whichever way you choose to do, but for the purpose of this program, I am just going to solve it iteratively.

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Made in America – My Story by Sam Walton

Made in America - My Story by Sam Walton

What’s up friends??

Made in America - My Story by Sam Walton Book

I want to veer off of programming topics, and instead, I just want to talk about a book that I am reading. I think we could all use a bit of fresh air away from programming once in a while. Reading is on my top 3 list of activities that I do everyday, it’s a way for me to have a break away from the programming world. As such, I definitely am happy to share one book that I currently am reading, and who knows, you might add this to your own reading list!

Besides programming, I like to learn a bit about other areas too, especially how businesses were brought up from the beginning and the obstacles that they had to face in order to achieve the goals. Hence, the book that I am reading is “Sam Walton: Made in America – My Story” by Sam Walton with John Huey.

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