WordPress – Removing AMP Plugin

AMP for WP - Removing AMP Plugin

I’m actually big fan of this wordpress plugin despite the bugs. The authors of this plugin I can tell have been working hard in fixing existing bugs and there are a lot of them, not an easy task. As a developer myself I know how wild code can get, so I give these guys mad respect and credit.

AMP for WP

Recently I was tasked with removing this plugin for a site. Disabling and removing the plugin was just the first step. The final step was to implement a redirect that would automatically redirect these amp urls to it’s respective non-amp url – leaving this as-is would be bad for SEO. And the client would not be happy to see their google rankings go down. So let’s take care of this.

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Github – Submitting a Pull Request

GitHub - Submitting a Pull Request


Submitting a Github Pull Request

A step by step guide on the pull request cycle. Submitting a pull request is part of a larger process in which external members can make modifications to the existing code base.


Fork target repository

Cloning involves making a copy of a git repository onto a local machine. In contrast, a fork is a cloning of one git repository to another repository.

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