Generating SSH Keys on MacOSX

Generating SSH Keys on MacOSX

If you’ve been programming for a while now, even if you consider yourself a novice, you’ve probably run into the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol. Now, don’t get intimidated by this technical term, this is just another protocol like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). So look, you’ve already engaged with a protocol at one point in your dev career. In simple terms, protocol’s are just a set of instructions to complete a given task.

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Linux Torvalds – The man behind Linux

Linus Torvalds - The man behind Linux

Sometimes you read things, you see things and use things – and you’re just amazed by it, every creation has its creator. There’s an artist behind a painting I can point too. I personally think I would be missing out if I thought otherwise. Now hey, you can believe otherwise and say things just appear out of no where but you’re really cutting yourself short of some really good stuff. And if you want to really dig in deep into something, then you’d consider the mind behind the machine.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking – who names anyone Linus? Well replace that “s” with an “x” in Linus and you get the most powerful open source operating system that’s ever walked the face of this earth – LINUX.

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