An Intro to VueJS

VueJS looks good to me, yeah even better than ReactJS and AngularJS and friends. It just looks light and nimble and there’s a huge community behind this framework. My first post on this blog actually covers ReactJS – it was more than an attempt. VueJS documentation just looks cleaner to me, and I like that. I’m a bit late on the bandwagon here with VueJS, I’ve been spending quality time with PHP – I love PHP.

Here’s the documentation guide – VueJS Documentation

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Block Binding using Javascript – Functions in Loops

I wanted to go take a deep dive into using Javascript’s ‘let’ to declare variables and data objects. I’ve briefly covered ‘let’ on a previous post, but just barely scratched the surface on its features – especially using let as functions in loops. Yeah, I know that was a mouthful.

I found my self using this method once before – for getting around an API quota limit. But even if you haven’t used this method before to get around the scoping issue, these examples and comparisons (ES6) provide tidbits of useful concepts that may aid you as a developer when tackling complex data processing and manipulation.

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