substr() vs preg_match() using PHP

substr vs preg_match

Greetings fellow developers, I hope you’ve continued to immerse yourself in something interesting whether it’s programming, physics, math – or whatever. The point is – just keep pushing forward and don’t be afraid to fail. Seriously though, enjoy the journey of making mistakes.

This post is about two functions – PHP’s substr() and preg_match() functions.

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Distributed Systems in One Lesson

Distributed Systems in One Lesson

Alright, this is a continuation of System Architecture, a super broad subject I’ve been recently immersing myself in. I must admit, my last post was a bit poor in quality – I even left things hanging in the end. So I felt compelled to dive in deeper into an architecture known as “Distributed Systems”, yes in one lesson by Tim Berglund.. As the name of this blog post suggests, this is based off a youtube video I found – Distributed Systems in One Lesson.

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Architecture vs Design Pattern

Architecture vs Design Pattern - System Architecture

I’ve decided to take a break from some lower level stuff – server side languages, scripts and front end stuff. As in “break” – I meant in my blog posts. My thirst for more Javascript and PHP is unending so that is still quite active.

I’ve developed a sudden interest in system architecture – I think this was ignited off a job requirement I’ve recently run across. Almost everything listed as a requirement I had covered and even the ones I wasn’t quite savvy with I knew I could pick up pretty fast – ie frameworks and libraries. When I look at job requirements, I look at the underlying fundamentals or lack thereof with regards to my toolbelt.

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