SCP – Secure Copy

SCP – Secure Copy Command (Unix)

We all know about FTP (file transfer protocol), FileZilla, Cyberduck and friends – utility tools that allow developers to transfer files between clients and servers. I’ve used FTP over a million times in my development career. From backing up files, migrations, or new fresh installations of some framework or CMS system – like WordPress.

Well there will be some situations where you you might need the help of Unix’s scp – or secure copy. This is a command you have to run so those of you that’s never fired up the terminal will need to get your hands dirty with it. Play around and run some commands and make some mistakes – well in a sandboxed environment, don’t want to totally delete your entire life’ work.

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Github – Submitting a Pull Request

GitHub - Submitting a Pull Request


Submitting a Github Pull Request

A step by step guide on the pull request cycle. Submitting a pull request is part of a larger process in which external members can make modifications to the existing code base.


Fork target repository

Cloning involves making a copy of a git repository onto a local machine. In contrast, a fork is a cloning of one git repository to another repository.

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