Object.create vs the new operator in Javascript

Object.create() vs the new operator in Javascript

One of the more advanced topics in Javascript is the distinction between the Object.create() and the new operator when constructing new objects. More than that, Javascript being a client side language – is unlike other server side languages, compiled or interpreted.

As a result Javascript has some weird parts to it putting off some developers to some other more less dynamics languages but drawing in more curious developers to Javascript land. These weird parts shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage though if you thoroughly spend quality time getting to know Javascript – you can use these new patterns, concepts to your advantage.
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Data Structures & Algorithms II

Data Structures & Algorithms II

This is part || of Data Structures & Algorithms using Javascript. I would like to give credit to freeCodeCamp.org for their series of videos covering this topic.

In part I we started off with a simply defining a few data types – an array and a string for storing data in memory. Then we used a “for-loop” to access and manipulate our data structures. Finally we came up with a sequence of steps to test whether a word was a palindrome or not. In part II now, were going to wrap up all that code into what we call a function object.

Functions are a powerful data structure encapsulating your algorithms. Functions also are a good example of “DRY” – Don’t Repeat Yourself.

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The Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework

I’ve been running into the WordPress Genesis theme as of late. It’s not your standard wordpress theme when it comes to modifying template files. Genesis is actually a framework, that would be a better way to describe it. Genesis frameworks extend their functionality, allowing developers to customize their WordPress site.

The Genesis framework is built by Studio Press – I’m quite impressed with their work actually, it sounds like a solid framework I just need to learn more about it. So I dove right in – I scoured the internet for some learning material and a good list came up. This can only take you so far though – the best way to really learn is actually do it yourself, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

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UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use

UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use

This post is a video review based on UNIX: Making Computers Easier To Use — AT&T Archives film from 1982, Bell Laboratories. Just like its titled thats how Unix came to life. Without its creators – Dennis Ritchie and colleague Ken Thompson, computers would not be better off with the Unix operating system. I was continuing the endless journey with programming in C but I stumbled upon one of those classics.

You would think these two brainiacs would be in some garage coding dungeon but nope, Unix was born at Bell Labs. I could just imagine both of them staying in late and hacking on some code. Well, that’s exactly what they did and now we have iOS, MacOS, Linux and Android – which all power a lot of devices we have today.

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Linux Torvalds – The man behind Linux

Linus Torvalds - The man behind Linux

Sometimes you read things, you see things and use things – and you’re just amazed by it, every creation has its creator. There’s an artist behind a painting I can point too. I personally think I would be missing out if I thought otherwise. Now hey, you can believe otherwise and say things just appear out of no where but you’re really cutting yourself short of some really good stuff. And if you want to really dig in deep into something, then you’d consider the mind behind the machine.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking – who names anyone Linus? Well replace that “s” with an “x” in Linus and you get the most powerful open source operating system that’s ever walked the face of this earth – LINUX.

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