Linear Linked List – Insert Element Beginning using Python

Linear Linked List - Insert Element at Beginning using Python

What’s up friends?! Hope your week has been great as always, the weather here has been quite chilly and then hot at different days, so I’ve been taking advantage of it and go hiking quite a bit to clear up my head.

Today, I want to take a moment to introduce data structures. Data structures is one of my favorite topics ever, and in my personal opinion, possibly one of the most important courses of computer science in general, as it provides the foundation for later on. Well, WHAT IS DATA STRUCTURE? Data structure essentially is a way of organizing data for the machine to work efficiently, and you have seen it before, such as array! As such, I want to talk about linear linked list because I am positive colleges would definitely throw these at you, and you definitely are going to spend hours and hours on data structures!

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Bubble Sort Algorithm using Python

Bubble Sort Algorithm Using Python

Hey!!! What’s up everyone?! I hope your week has been great! I have been working on tirelessly on my projects, so I am going to take a short break, and write up this article!

For today, I want to touch base on a classic algorithm that students have seen over the years, and it is called Bubble Sort Algorithm! Now, before I get started, there are obviously much better sorting algorithms are there, but for the sake of improving our critical thinking skills, Bubble Sort Algorithm is a good one!

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Permutations Using Python

How’s it going everyone?!?

I hope your week has been great and staying healthy. Today I am going to talk about permutations using Python. The version that I am going to use for this program is Python 3.8.3.

Well, what are permutations????? Permutations in mathematics basically are just different combinations of a sequence, and that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going generate a random sequence of integers and find different combos for this sequence!

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Customizing the Author Box using the Genesis Theme

Permutations Using Python

I had some consulting work come in – task was pretty straightforward, then again what
exactly is “straightfoward.” In software though, nothing is ever “straightforward”, though
that word gets used a lot to describe something pretty close to being straightforward but not
exactly so.

Alright anyway, I was working off a Genesis theme. Themes, templates, architecture. I think
these terms are all synonymous, the keyword really here is architecture. There are some bad ones,
good ones and terrible ones. Genesis in my opinion is pretty good. But what qualifies as “pretty good”, really? For starters I’d say architecture that is lightweight, modularized, and loosely coupled. Architecture where we can inject new features seamlessly.

I was working on enabling an author box on a blog page, on every single blog post – so this was to be a global implementation for a blog. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Genesis themes but good news is there’s a pretty big community around it and chances are I would be running into a frequent feature.

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Accordion Menu in Vanilla Javascript

Accordion Menu in Vanilla Javascript

I’m back in the mood for more Javascript, more specifically “vanilla javascript” – which is just a phrase for writing Javascript in it’s true form, free from any frameworks or libraries. I guess the only thing we would be dependent on would be the “Javascript Engine” itself and the available “API’s” available for our use. I think this is pretty cool, we can do a lot with just “vanilla javascript” alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, frameworks and libraries are great – they take care of all the nitty gritty cross browser stuff but often come with unnecessary bloat or extra features that aren’t even utilized. Frameworks like ReactJS and VueJS manage DOM manipulation for you so you can offload having to manage a bunch of selectors. There are some key concepts to be learned in writing plain Javascript though, as we shall see – we can achieve the same functionality with much less code.

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The Early Days of Id Software – John Romero

The Early Days of Id Software - WeAreDevelopers Conference by John Romero

I decided to take a break from my usual programming and wandered the internet, I tried breaking away from any programming related videos. I was looking for something light, I don’t know maybe a web dev conference.

This post is based off a youtube video I stumbled on, it’s entitled “The Early Days of Id Software – John Romero @ WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017“. You know, I didn’t know who John Romero was and I played both DOOM and QUAKE back in the early 90s. John was rockin’ the long hair, it was super long, looked super cool though. I wish they would invite more people like John over to Web Dev Conferences.

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Generating SSH Keys on MacOSX

Generating SSH Keys on MacOSX

If you’ve been programming for a while now, even if you consider yourself a novice, you’ve probably run into the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol. Now, don’t get intimidated by this technical term, this is just another protocol like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). So look, you’ve already engaged with a protocol at one point in your dev career. In simple terms, protocol’s are just a set of instructions to complete a given task.

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substr() vs preg_match() using PHP

substr vs preg_match

Greetings fellow developers, I hope you’ve continued to immerse yourself in something interesting whether it’s programming, physics, math – or whatever. The point is – just keep pushing forward and don’t be afraid to fail. Seriously though, enjoy the journey of making mistakes.

This post is about two functions – PHP’s substr() and preg_match() functions.

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Distributed Systems in One Lesson

Distributed Systems in One Lesson

Alright, this is a continuation of System Architecture, a super broad subject I’ve been recently immersing myself in. I must admit, my last post was a bit poor in quality – I even left things hanging in the end. So I felt compelled to dive in deeper into an architecture known as “Distributed Systems”, yes in one lesson by Tim Berglund.. As the name of this blog post suggests, this is based off a youtube video I found – Distributed Systems in One Lesson.

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