Git using GitFlow

Git using GitFlow Guidelines

I was recently introduced to a Git methodology called Git Flow. Git Flow itself is more of a guideline that they are rules. Vincent Driessen coined the term, however much like myself, developers were probably already implementing this approach long before it gained popularity, or some variant of it. I do remember working on a small team in a past life, long ago when I was a young and chipper programmer. I do remember collaborating with my dev team and using a flavor of GitFlow. Looking back, I now see it’s power in both and even really large development teams. I must admit though, s’been a long time since I’ve worked on a team, so this will be an interesting run for me. Continue reading “Git using GitFlow”

Github – Submitting a Pull Request

GitHub - Submitting a Pull Request


Submitting a Github Pull Request

A step by step guide on the pull request cycle. Submitting a pull request is part of a larger process in which external members can make modifications to the existing code base.


Fork target repository

Cloning involves making a copy of a git repository onto a local machine. In contrast, a fork is a cloning of one git repository to another repository.

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