Linear Linked List – Insert Element Beginning using Python

Linear Linked List - Insert Element at Beginning using Python

What’s up friends?! Hope your week has been great as always, the weather here has been quite chilly and then hot at different days, so I’ve been taking advantage of it and go hiking quite a bit to clear up my head.

Today, I want to take a moment to introduce data structures. Data structures is one of my favorite topics ever, and in my personal opinion, possibly one of the most important courses of computer science in general, as it provides the foundation for later on. Well, WHAT IS DATA STRUCTURE? Data structure essentially is a way of organizing data for the machine to work efficiently, and you have seen it before, such as array! As such, I want to talk about linear linked list because I am positive colleges would definitely throw these at you, and you definitely are going to spend hours and hours on data structures!

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Bubble Sort Algorithm using Python

Bubble Sort Algorithm Using Python

Hey!!! What’s up everyone?! I hope your week has been great! I have been working on tirelessly on my projects, so I am going to take a short break, and write up this article!

For today, I want to touch base on a classic algorithm that students have seen over the years, and it is called Bubble Sort Algorithm! Now, before I get started, there are obviously much better sorting algorithms are there, but for the sake of improving our critical thinking skills, Bubble Sort Algorithm is a good one!

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Permutations Using Python

How’s it going everyone?!?

I hope your week has been great and staying healthy. Today I am going to talk about permutations using Python. The version that I am going to use for this program is Python 3.8.3.

Well, what are permutations????? Permutations in mathematics basically are just different combinations of a sequence, and that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going generate a random sequence of integers and find different combos for this sequence!

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