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Web maintenance is an often overlooked service for new website owners who don't know the ins and outs of keeping a website not only up to date, but secure for visitors to browse. Free of any bugs that may negatively affect user experience.

For existing owners, web maintenance is an ongoing service essential to keeping a website, application, online store or simple blog running smoothly.

Web maintenance entails many aspects, but the most important items I've listed below.

  • Version updates, from CMS (content management systems) to servers - technology is quickly evolving. This is the digital age, it's imperative to keep everything up to date to the latest and greatest.
  • Security, enforcing data encryption along with well written code helps prevent malicious hackers from extracting, injecting malware or equally worse, crashing your website. Fortunately, most hosting plans provide daily or weekly backups along with security monitoring.
  • Bug fixes, together with safely securing a website is a bit like house cleaning, if left unattended for a long while pesky bugs start to show up. Bug fixing requires an experienced troubleshooter to ensure bugs aren't only removed but also implemented properly.
  • Site speed optimization, this could be related to the previous items or completely exclusive - keeping your site up to speed greatly improves user experience but keeps visitors on your site. Continually improving site speed will ensure your site also ranks well with Google and other search engines.
  • Custom updates, these include general content and media updates upon the clients request. Always helps to keep website components/elements up to date with current market or branding trends.
  • Feature enhancements, these include the integration or improvement of existing code necessary to keep the website up to date. These may include third party services, API's and a mix of technologies to further add value to your branding and/or business goals.

There are many hosting options in the marketplace that provide some level of web maintenance services. Here are our top picks but we can work with any hosting plan you're currently running.

However, web maintenance still requires the website owner to oversee this entire process as almost anything can go wrong. Let's ensure nothing does, by quickly fixing any issues as they arise.

Contact us today and let us pick up the task of maintaining your website. If you are just launching a website for the first time, we can guide you through the process.

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